The Two Willows Farm & Vineyard location  in a clay belt on the Lake Michigan shoreline is known as
with snow in winter, retarding bud break in spring.  Frost damage avoidance and an extended growing
season of up to four weeks are byproducts as well.

The location rests about the 43rd parallel - latitude 43.523N and longitude 86.44W with an elevation of
817 feet - region 6 on the USDA plant hardiness
zone map.  The 43rd parallel is just south of
Burgundy, on par with Venice resting in latitude with major wine regions in the Southern Oregon and
Northern California borders, France, and Germany where some of the world's best wines are

Two Willows Farm and Vineyard at the
45th parallel (see North American and European
comparisons).  Flyover for our location at right. Click for a better view.
Two Willows Farm & Vineyard Front Gate
Two Willows Farm & Vineyard House
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