organic grape seed extract whole form.
Organic Grape
Seed Oil
Organic Grape Seed Oil Extract, is also known as Organic Grapeseed Oil.  All Two Willows Dietary
Supplements are Organic with no Gluten, Fillers, Trans Fats, Starch, Salt, Dairy, Wheat, Corn, Soy,
Preservatives, Artificial Colors or Flavoring.  

How Organic Grape Seed Oil Extract is made
Grape Seed Oil is a byproduct of the wine making industry.  Grape Seed Oil is made by extracting the
from tiny grape seeds - see the video on how Grape Seed Oil is made.
Wonderful on your skin or hair as a personal care product as well!

Organic Grape Seed Oil Bottle
Our Organic Grape Seed Oil, comes in beautiful 8 oz., and 16 oz., screw top black plastic bottles that
have a great appearance providing ease of application , storage, drip control, maintains a more elegant
appearance and allows ease of measuring in your measuring device. organic grape seed on the vine.
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Organic Grape Seed Oil Extract
Dark bottle keeps out damaging light
The Black Plastic Twist Top Dispensing Cap is turned counter clockwise to expose the cap's orifice.  Measure by squeezing the bottle slightly into
your measuring device.  No need to take off the cap simply give it a twist, squeeze and measure or apply.  When not in use, close the cap by
twisting the tip clockwise.

We choose this solid black plastic bottle for our Organic Grape Seed Oil Supplement to block exposure to sunlight, prolong shelf life, and look great.  
All bottles are capped using induction sealed caps to prolong life by keeping out damaging air before use as well.  We took care of the light and air
for you.  All you have to do is store it properly.

Organic Grape Seed Oil Extract Dietary Supplement Shelf Life
Generally, shelf life is expected at about 1-2 years unopened - if properly stored.  Keep the bottle away from heat.  If grape seed oil is put in a
refrigerated environment it may become a bit cloudy but will not separate when refrigerated due to its low saturated fat content.

Grape seeds contain a powerful class of antioxidants called proanthocyanidins that help protect your cells against oxidative damage. Treatment with
grape seed oil extract is purported to help protect your heart by lowering "bad" LDL cholesterol and reducing high blood pressure levels. However,
additional research in humans is necessary to further support these reported benefits of grape seed oil extract. The use of this supplement may also
help reduce excessive tissue swelling, called edema, and chronic venous insufficiency, a condition characterized by swelling, pain and visible veins
in the legs. Grape seed oil extract may help control blood sugar levels, treat hemorrhoids, improve night vision and protect the skin against normal
aging (good for massage therapy). However, health officials with the University of Maryland Medical Center warn that research supporting the use
of grape seed oil extract for treating medical conditions is lacking."  "Before using grape seed oil extract, talk to your medical provider about the
benefits and potential risks associated with this natural supplement."  
Source: Live Well Jullian Michaels
8 oz. Bottle
$12.97 ea.
16 oz. Bottle
$23.94 ea.
Organic Grape Seed Oil
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