Our Jacobs Wind Generator was erected
Fall of 2004.  We've had many problems
with our
Jacobs Wind Generator, the
manufacturer, and their lack of service.   
We are currently
not recommending you
purchase a
Jacobs Wind Generator.  

The manufacturer - WTIC (Wind
Turbine Ind.) has failed to provide
support and parts in a timely manner.  As
of February 2010, we were down for
at a loss of thousands of dollars in
electric bills not to mention the thousands
of dollars it cost for repairs.  This is

The cost of electricity in our area is twice
that of  surrounding areas due to
membership in a co-op.  So, when we are
down we loose lots of money quickly.  
Unfortunately our
Jacobs breaks down

WTIC (Wind Turbine Ind.) only has two
dealers in MI that can perform repairs &
they only work with their dealers.  So, if
you manage to find someone to repair it
WTIC won't work with them.  However,
we've found that other local wind
generation companies won't touch it
because it isn't theirs.  Our installer below,
took the money & ran.  
He didn't return
any phone calls once it was installed.
"Northwoods Energy Alternatives"
John Heis
s, Lake Leelanau, MI".

The next dealer performed
extremely slow
repairs.  The last one took 9 months!  
Needless to say
we felt the gun to our
.  "Danwin Associates,  Shawn
Harris, Big Rapids, MI".
We highly recommend using a local
manufacturer - as close as possible to
where you live.  
Jacobs is located in
Wisconsin &
only works with their
Jacobs Wind Generator
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Wind Generator -  first day up -  '2004'
Crane raising Wind Generator
Wind Generator Base
Jacobs Wind Generator Rising '2004'
GOOD NEWS:  The State of Michigan has finally introduced
"Net Metering" for small generation projects like ours.  

Contact your
State Legislator and the Michigan Public
Services Commission (MPSC) for more information on
Net Metering".  
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